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Picture Perfect

It was the 70's and the end of my week of living on a RockyMountain high at a conference in Colorado.  Surrounded by like-minded college students and career starters from all over the country I was lit up by everyone's enthusiasm about life and our futures and felt I had to find a visual reminder of my time at Glen Eyrie.
I couldn't ask my new best friend from California or another faraway state to email me their favorite photos from the week, we all used Instamatics then, if any camera at all.  However, the postcards in the gift shop were the perfect choice.
Back in our little room at the castle-like conference center I showed my new treasures to my friends and pointed out how the view of the building in the valley was just like what we had seen along our hike higher in the surrounding hills.  I had bought two of the same shot, one to share and one to save.  Noticing a difference between the cards I commented, "I'll send this one to somebody but the other one ha…

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