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The Hard Work of Friendship

Quick, can you recall the names of your best friends in high school??? Looking back over the past year and a half, would you say you have: 1. The same number of good friendships as before, or 2. Fewer meaningful friendships than prior to the pandemic, or 3. Some friendships have become less committed but I’ve made some new friends during this difficult time. If you feel like you have fewer good friends than before, or may have been a less devoted friend to folks than you wanted to be, I hope some of the following ideas may be helpful to you as you re-kindle your relationships and maybe develop additional ones. First, the hard part-- Friendships are based on giving and receiving, but the balance of those two actions is always teetering from one side of the equation to the other. Oftentimes, it seems like you are doing most of the “giving.” I’ll tell you a secret, though, the other person in the friendship equation usually feels like she is doing most of the “giving,” too.

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