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Earth Day Birthday

There was always a bit of tension in the thought of having an outdoors birthday party—what will I do with all those rambunctious boys if it rains--but #1 son’s birthday usually coincided with a warm spring day so why not shoot for the stars? One of his party dates coincided with the global Earth Day celebration in 1990 so we decided to built his entire celebration around the Earth Day theme.

Upon arrival guests picked from an assortment of styrofoam balls and proceeded to the craft table. Each person painted a different planet and set it on a little tripod of toothpicks to dry. Games centered around Earth and science themes and the large sheet cake was decorated with plain, dark chocolate icing to represent the vastness of space, with the now-dry planets placed on top as decoration. After singing the traditional “Happy Birthday” we sang a familiar preschool song, “Earth, Earth, I love my Earth. A great big circle in the sky-ay.”

The big hit of the party was the recycled art table…

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