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Golden Heart

In honor of all the service and therapy dogs out there, and my two wonderful golden retrievers from years past: Golden Heart
He sat quietly, as he had been taught. As the hours went along he stretched out on the cool floor, but quickly rose to sit when people came over. It was almost a routine in his life now. Every week they’d walk over an hour to arrive at the building, in time to see the people setting up the long tables. He’d watch people bring out big boxes and pull out stacks of papers to arrange upon the table tops. A few of the workers would stop briefly to speak to him, then quickly return to their tasks. Soon the doors opened and the quieter people slowly walked in. They paused to get their bearings and a worker would come up to them, ask a question, then point or lead them to a table. It wasn’t usually just one person entering at a time but small groups of people who seemed to be from the same family. He watched them stay close together, arms touching one another. As the mo…

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