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Grama's Coat

Each morning when I wake up I look around the room and see the treasures that have surrounded me during the night.  Paintings by my bestest friend, Caserine, and her mom.  A crewel picture I stitched on my honeymoon driving to the carpet expo in Atlanta--why not combine business with pleasure?  A cabinet Suzie gave us that now holds photo albums and treasures from my mom's kitchen cabinets.  And, there's my Grama's rocker. Since my grandparents lived across the driveway from us, in their old farm house, I easily spent most of my waking hours there as a kid.  Grama would catch me up on her "stories" every summer (think General Hospital) and we'd hang out while she baked, or made meals, or did laundry or all the other things that happened during her typical day.  Thinking back, I don't remember her ever taking a phone call from a girlfriend, or going out to lunch, or meeting someone at the park to walk.  She was either working around the house and garden or

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