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Nesting B Me

Have you been losing your mind since you retired?  Do you feel like all your ability to organize projects and complete tasks has disappeared?  Are you writing to-do lists several times a week but never changing the items to be accomplished?  You may desperately need to practice nesting.

No, not like the birds or when you were pregnant, nesting like this:  “..the tendency to arrange one's immediate surroundings, such as a work station, to create a place where one feels securecomfortable, or in control.”
I thought I could use my kitchen counter as a command station.  It seemed perfect; close to my notebooks, address folders, frig calendar, birthday tracker and all the office supplies stashed in the "kitchen office” drawers.  After three years of fumbling around and thinking that I had lost all focus I realized the kitchen was a terrible choice for commanding anything, because:
It was close to all the food I was try…

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