Music in My Head

One component of my Rubric for Retirement is to develop or expand a variety of interests--both active and sedentary.  Yesterday I signed up to volunteer for several musical performances this coming year at a local college, trading a few hours of ushering for any available seat in the house.  Along with that avenue for experiencing classical, jazz, and other types of music I have another plan for improving my knowledge of music in general.

When it comes to music I know what I like, but I don't know much about what I like and I'm certain that I haven't heard everything that I will one day like.  Whew!  There's always more to learn, right?

A few years ago I started listening to performances listed on "The PT 50:  Essential Classical Music CDs."  As of today I have 48 left to go.  PT 50  When I began, I asked a musically-gifted friend who plays French horn in a local symphony, "Where should I begin?"  She recommended the selections by Chopin, Copland, Dvorak and Prokofiev.  Thank you, Margaret.

Did I run out and buy the CDs?  No.  Did I use my Amazon Prime to order MP3 downloads?  No, again.  I went to the public library and borrowed them.  F-R-E-E music.  Just like I can download e-books from the library I bet that one day I'll be able to download e-music.

In developing interests it's important to include the quieter, less active ones as well as the dynamic sort.  When many folks stop working they find that they have few hobbies and activities that they enjoy doing at home, by themselves.  It's important to be your own best friend, to look forward to the times when you get to be quiet and alone--reading a book, making a birdhouse, training your bonsai tree.

Some folks, like my mom, are outside working hard up until their last few days of life.  Others, like my dad, are not able to continue their dynamic lives.  This is why I want to develop active and sedentary interests, because you never know what's in that proverbial box of chocolates.  And, even if my hearing fades a little, I can always play music in my head.