Take a Beauty Walk

Mondays can be a great day or a lousy day.  One of my in-laws is a recruiter and he finds that job seekers are more receptive to considering new positions on Mondays than any other day.  Wisely, he sends out his inquiries early Monday morning to catch them while they're headed to start their week at the job they don't like.

At the least, Monday mornings are a re-set for the week ahead.  Even when we've stopped working for pay our weekends may have left us longing for more unscheduled leisure time. Or, maybe we're glad they're over and we can return to a predictable, often enjoyable, routine.

If Mondays are sometimes a little hard to face, start the week with a positive attitude by taking a Beauty Walk--a hunt for some remarkable glimpse of beauty that is right in front of your eyes.  It may be the view from your window at home, a leaf-strewn path you encounter at a state park or an arrangement of beloved books or treasures you've collected over the years.  Go through the exercise of framing the view with your camera lens and saving your best photo.  Label it so you can always locate it by subject and date, because one day you might want to place the photos in a book for yourself.
James River--Pony Pasture
Even if you are a very amateur photographer, your photo will remind you of the wonder you felt when your eyes lingered over the object or scene.  Just like an unexpected scent can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life, so a photo can evoke a clear memory.

By experiencing and saving beauty in this way you will begin to look for it even more.  Your eyes will roam your yard, your home and all around when you are away from home, looking for something that awakens your senses and fills your heart.  And, the more you are attuned to the possibility of finding beauty, the more you will.  It can help change your attitude about life.  For me, it makes me more thankful to the Lord for giving me the eyes to see the beauty He has created.

If you're stuck inside on a cold, windblown day and don't feel like traipsing out for a Beauty Walk, be sure to look for visual treasures in your home.  If all else fails, review the general photos you've previously taken and saved on your computer or camera and choose a new one to add to your curated group.  As time goes on your stash will grow, and so will your ability to recognize the beauty that surrounds you.